Ordering and Terms


Quanex Custom Components – Molalla’s lead times vary, depending on door quantity and style. Please contact our customer service department for current lead times. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. [PT].


Quanex Custom Components – Molalla requires all first-time customers complete an application, even if credit terms are not desired. This application needs to be completed in advance of your first order so that our credit department has adequate time to process your request. Payment terms are COD. or prepaid unless a credit account has been established. You will be notified, in writing, when your account has been activated. This letter will include all pertinent data such as your credit limit, early payment discount policy, etc.


  1. Price Quotes. Upon request, Quanex Custom Components – Molalla will provide a detailed quote for customers. Quanex Custom Components assumes an order has been placed and will begin the production process, when using our standard form, unless the “Quote Only” box is visibly marked. When using your own form, please be sure to clearly indicate “Quote Only” at the top of the form. Price quotes expire 30 days from issuance and will be subject to current pricing at that time.
  2. Placing of Orders. Quanex Custom Components – Molalla accepts orders placed via email, online portal, fax or phone. All orders taken by phone will be clearly and accurately read back to the customer. Regardless of method used to place order, an order acknowledgement will follow.
  3. Order Acknowledgements. All orders received by Quanex Custom Components – Molalla will be followed by an order acknowledgement, either faxed or sent by mail, within 24 hours. Quanex Custom Components – Molalla relies on the customer to review all order acknowledgements for any discrepancies and to contact our order entry department immediately if any are found. In the event a discrepancy does exist and has not been reported in an appropriate timeframe, a change order may result.
  4. Change Orders. Quanex Custom Components – Molalla will do everything possible to alleviate costs to the customer. However, if the order has entered the manufacturing process, the customer will incur costs equal to ½ of the original order value.
  5. Shipping and Packaging
    1. Quanex Custom Components Delivery
      1. No additional charge to parts of Oregon and Washington via our own trucks.
    2. Common Carrier Shipments
      1. Will be sent freight collect (freight charges will be billed directly to customer from common carrier).
    3. UPS Shipments
      1. Will be sent prepaid (freight charges will be added to Quanex Custom Components – Molalla invoice total).
    4. Packaging Charges
      1. No packaging charge for orders shipped via Quanex Custom Components trucks.
      2. Per-item fee of $.75 on common carrier or UPS shipments.
      3. Minimum packaging fee for common carrier shipments is $22.00.
      4. Minimum packaging fee for UPS shipments is $12.00.
      5. Applicable packaging charges will be added to Quanex Custom Components invoice total.
      6. COD customers must prepay invoice to avoid COD fees from common carriers and/or UPS.
      7. Quanex Custom Components will ship orders in the most cost-effective way, based on quantity and size of each order. If you have a shipping preference, please complete the “Ship via” field on the order form.
  1. Will Call
    1. Ship dates for “Will Call” orders can be found on your order acknowledgement. Please contact Quanex Custom Components – Molalla’s shipping department in advance to ensure your order is available upon your arrival.
    2. Quanex Custom Components will not be responsible for any damage to orders remaining in our Will Call area for longer than five (5) business days.
    3. Quanex Custom Components also reserves the right to charge customers for storage of Will Call items left beyond 10 working days.


  1. Invoicing
    1. Invoices are generated upon shipment of order or date available for Will Call.
    2. Invoices are mailed the next business day following shipment.
    3. Terms, if extended, are from invoice date, not receipt date.
    4. Statements are generated at month’s end for customers with a credit account.
  2. Returns and Adjustments. In the event a concern is noted upon receipt of your order, please contact our customer service department immediately. They will generate a Returned Merchandise Authorization [RMA] number to track the resolution of the matter. This is the first step necessary before an adjustment can be applied against your order/account or to assist in the processing of third-party freight claims.

Please call (800) 331-6013 for additional information.